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H B Turner (Hope) is a Certified Wholistic Health Coach, who has spent decades learning about natural health for people & pets, and shares what she’s learnt. Hope is also in to Crypto Currencies and can introduce you to an opportunity to Earn in Your Sleep.

Passive Wealth

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Natural Health

Hope has taken numerous courses, learnt from incredible mentors and has tailored her Foundation Degree [FdSc] and Bachelors [BSc (Hons)] to nutrition and holistic health.

Having started a Masters in Clinical Nutrition and consulted on health for over 15 years she can offer a range of natural solutions to your issues.

Her mission is to increase health via nutrition, supplementation and toxin elimination by giving you the tools to create a healthier lifestyle.

Book an appointment to address:

  • Digestive Issues
  • Autoimmune disease
  • Arthritis/Stiffness/Mobility
  • Asthma
  • Eczema
  • Fatigue and Energy Issues
  • Sports Performance
  • Weight Management (loss or gain)
  • Blood Sugar Issues
  • Sleep Issues
  • Bloating
  • Thyroid Conditions
  • Mood Swings
  • Depression
  • Food Intolerances, IBS etc.
  • Allergies
  • Hair Loss and many more….

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Disclaimer: H B Turner is neither a Medical Doctor nor a Veterinary Surgeon and as such does not diagnose or prescribe. Natural products and holistic services should not be considered a substitute for treatment from your Medical or Holistic Doctor.  If you suspect you or your animal are ill, please take them to your nearest doctor as soon as possible.

Chronic Pain

Sadly there are many people that do not understand, cannot, or do not want to comprehend what people with ‘Invisible Disabilities’ that include ‘Chronic Pain’ go through on a daily basis.

The standard response is ‘You Don’t Look Sick’, which is at once frustrating and a compliment, as those with ‘Chronic Pain’ in general do their best to hide it.

Spoon Theory is a good visual:

Chronic Pain is most often associated with Chronic Fatigue, as pain is exhausting, and therefore it is applicable, and one way to explain that although you managed to perform a certain task before, that does not necessarily mean you can do it again now.

The best way I can explain it is this:

Imagine the pain you get just before a bout of diarrhea, you know that sudden sharp pain that has you doubled over clutching your stomach and knocks you off your feet, rather like a nasty IBS attack.

Now imagine that the muscular pain from that is felt in every muscle in your body, at that exact level. Then add on joint pain from inflammation, that would have you clutching at your joint, but it’s every single joint so you can’t and besides which your nerves are on fire.

Now imagine it’s like that 24/7 and has been for decades.

That’s simply the background pain for those with Chronic Pain, that which we hide from friends and family every day. It’s the new additional pain that knocks us out now, but as we’re already exhausted, it really takes it’s toll.

It’s not the pain from 9 vertebra and a shoulder blade out of position all day  – that’s quite normal, it’s the pain from your hip out of it’s socket on top of spine and shoulder, the novel pain that you can’t hide.

After years of pain you learn to manage it. You learn ‘Spoon Theory’. If for example, you really wanted to spend some time with someone, you’d rest up significantly before meeting with them and you’d possibly spend days or even weeks in bed after trying to keep up with them and hide your physical state whilst with them.

Of course diet helps, sugar and starch feed inflammation, most noticeably in joints, but also everywhere else in the body, but some ‘friends and family’ cannot understand why you might be so ‘picky’ with what you eat, why you spend so much more money on organic produce, in order to avoid toxins that you know will increase both pain and exhaustion levels exponentially.

They also do not understand why you hide your pain, which is in actual fact because it’s the only way you can have any sort of life.

I write this, not for sympathy, if I wanted that I wouldn’t hide it, but to attempt dear reader to get you to understand, that not everyone goes through their everyday, the way you do. That not everyone’s day is as long as yours i.e. you may be up and active for 16-20 hours a day, when those with Chronic Pain may only hast 10 hours, or less (often 2-6).

Without effective communication, understanding and empathy, many people are misjudged and mistreated, please think carefully before falling into this trap.


There are now thousands of scientific papers on the dangers of 5G, but no matter how much we appeal or complain, no matter the unsubstantiated rumours linking COVID-19 to 5G, the question of if in fact it’s the 5G towers oscillating at a rate that detaches Oxygen from our blood, leading to the breathing difficulties seen all over the Globe at the moment, the science is clear.

The technology is dangerous, it’s in the band of bio-weaponry and has been linked to infertility, diabetes, cancer and many many more issues.

Whilst I have been frantically attempting to research ways to protect my family, which as you all know started out with our Shield Hats for Christmas last year, every where I turned seemed to be cost prohibitive.

Finally, a veterinarian friend showed me the way, and now I have products on order, which I am confident will help.

Please do your own research, but if like me, you are on a low budget, at least take a look at the decade of science behind Comosystems.

A Theory of Cancer

I have an unsubstantiated theory on Cancer… I believe that it’s mis-named.

I believe that there are a number of pre-cursors that lead to cancer, that should technically split ‘cancer’ into separate categories:

  1. Bacterial

i.e. Bacteroides fragilis – a known Gut Bacteria linked to Cancer

2. Fungal

i.e. ‘Cancer is a Fungus’ by Tullio Simoncin


3. Viral

i.e. SV40 in Polio Vaccine 1955-1963 – https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/10472327

4. Parasitic

i.e. Hymenolepis nana

That’s over and above the cancers caused by poisons and exposure to radiation.

Also see details of job of Lee Harvey Oswald & his Murderer Jack Ruby, where cancer was injected and proliferated by the use of X-rays…

So what’s the difference? All cancers form tumours due to mutated hyper-cellular regeneration. Conventionally Cancers are both identified and treated mostly according to location, with chemical therapies (Chemotherapy) aimed at the tumour in that location, in many cases the same chemotherapy, a derivative of ‘Mustard Gas’ is used. These ‘therapies’ target cellular apoptosis, in order to attempt to destroy the cells in the tumour.

Why do I think this is the wrong way round?

If non poison/radiation cancers are due to bacteria, fungi, viruses &/or parasites, destroying the cells that have formed around the invasive, will allow that invasive out of the protective layer of cells that the body has put down and allow it to proliferate into the rest of the body. Thus destroying the tumour, but proliferating the cancer the exact opposite of the patients objective. That would explain the 2-3% efficacy rate and the 98% recurrence rate in conventionally treated cancer patients.

I believe that the tumour is the bodies way of protecting itself and simply a symptom of the disease, and that the correct way to treat it, would be to find and treat the cause. Once the ‘invasive’ was killed, the body would no longer need to separate it off and in theory would naturally destroy the tumour itself.


Please note: I am not an Oncologist, nor am I a Medical Doctor, I have not Laboratory tested anything in relation to Cancer to substantiate this, it is just a Theory.

Vitamin C

Vitamin C
from https://www.signelements.com/


Vitamin C has been said to be ‘The Cure for Everything Except Death’ and has been extensively studied over the last century, most notably by the likes of Dr. Robert Cathcart, Dr. Frederick Klenner, Dr. Irwin Stone, Dr. Linus Pauling, and is more recently promoted by Dr. Abram Hoffer, Dr. Andrew Saul and Dr. Thomas Levy, among many others.

These experts in their field, which include winners of the Nobel Prize, claim that it can reverse a number of health issues, from Rabies, to Sepsis and even Cancer (via IV), however, since The Cancer Act (1939) no person can offer to treat any person for Cancer, no one can ‘prescribe’ any remedy, or give any advice for its’ treatment.

This is very interesting bearing in mind certain easily available scientific papers i.e.:

Mikirova NA, Ichim TE, Riordan NH. (2008) Anti-angiogenic effect of high doses of ascorbic acid. J Transl Med. 2008 Sep 12;6:50. doi: 10.1186/1479-5876-6-50

Which states “This study supports further investigation into non-cytotoxic antitumor activities of AA.” (Ascorbic Acid) and “can inhibit angiogenesis” (which is the formation of new blood vessels to ‘feed’ cancer).

In fact, if you check the references on this proposed project by Situs Cancer Research Center, suspended by the FDA for a decade, you will see a great deal of data on this. A project with potential to do the better than this:

Ioanna Keklikoglou, Chiara Cianciaruso, Esra Güç, Mario Leonardo Squadrito, Laura M. Spring, Simon Tazzyman, Lore Lambein, Amanda Poissonnier, Gino B. Ferraro, Caroline Baer, Antonino Cassará, Alan Guichard, M. Luisa Iruela-Arispe, Claire E. Lewis, Lisa M. Coussens, Aditya Bardia, Rakesh K. Jain, Jeffrey W. Pollard, Michele De Palma (2019) Chemotherapy elicits pro-metastatic extracellular vesicles in breast cancer models. Nature Cell Biology pages 190–202(2019).

Researching the initially named Doctors and their work, will show you a great deal more research on this subject with regard to efficacy in dealing with other health issues.

I myself am working on a project to show efficacy of Vitamin C, in conjunction with a number of other nutrients in the amelioration of symptoms of a chronic disease currently thought to be un-treatable with anything other than than symptom suppressing drugs.

I personally take Mega doses of Vitamin C on a daily basis, as do the other occupants in my house and I have no intention of stopping.


N.B. You will notice that I have felt the need to preface this post with the term ‘Without Prejudice’, so that it cannot be used in Court, although I have been very careful to not make any claims myself, I am simply referring to established scientific papers.

The Cats Whiskers

When you look at individual cats you see differentials in their whiskers, some are horizontal, some droop, some are straggly and others are wide & quite magnificent.

So what’s the difference & why should you care?

These elegant thickened hairs have proprioceptors at their base and are in fact a ‘sixth sense’ for your cat.

They indicate how wide a gap is needed to squeeze through and can even detect changes in the air made by the movement of pray, adding to their hunting prowess at night or in dark buildings.

Unfortunately, cats whiskers can be damaged by the bowls we feed & water them with, which leads to a condition known as ‘Whisker Stress’ or ‘Whisker Fatigue’, not only does damage affect the safety of hunting, due to no longer knowing their own width, but this ‘sixth sense’ can go into overdrive and information can come in at such a rate as to be highly confusing and akin to a migraine.

Protect their Whiskers by feeding from a plate and using a ‘water fountain‘ rather than a bowl.

And let’s not forget that cats aren’t the only animals with Whiskers….

Us Limeys Still have Scurvy and So Do You!

We are a Global Population under the Pandemic of being under nutrified and over exposed to toxicity and radiation, causing the pharmaceutical monopoly to rub their hands together with dollar signs in their eyes whilst waiting for our bodies to break.

An evolutionary anomaly (Stone, 1972), developed to protect us from Malaria (yes, we all hail from sunnier climes), lost us L-Gulonoletone Oxidase (GLO), which is the enzyme required to make Vitamin C in the liver (Burns, 1959), leaving us with the terminal condition Hypoascorbemia (a lack of vitamin C) (Stone, 1965). This essential nutrient, which we have to supplement with, is well known from our history classes as the reason for Scurvy, however, what is not well known is that the ‘Recommended Daily Allowance’(RDA) (40mg in the UK, 75-90mg in the USA) is only enough to prevent the end stage of the disease, not enough for optimal health and certainly nowhere near enough to prevent Chronic Subclinical Scurvy Syndrome (CSS) (Stone, 1977), which we all suffer from.

Chronic Subclinical Scurvy, clinical indicators and symptoms:

  • Gastrointestinal disease
  • Poor Dentition
  • Food Faddism
  • Alcoholism
  • Bruising
  • Arthalgias
  • Joint Swelling
  • Myalgia
  • Fatigue (Olmedo et al. 2006)

Vitamin C is needed for iron absorption, collagen  production, detoxification and many other functions, and the lack of it is associated with heart issues, SIDS (Kalokerinos, 1974: Stone, 1978: Cook, 1978), diabetes, neurological conditions and much more.

We know that Vitamin C can ameliorate a cold or flu, and deal with gastric issues, and the only side effect from overdose is loose stool (even when mega dosing), but if we took sufficient amounts daily (which varies person to person and due to stress levels/illness and must be titrated to ‘bowel tolerance’ (Cathcart, 1981)), it could also contribute to the prevention of many other diseases that the current medical establishment need not be having to attempt to deal with.

Current UK NHS Spend per person is around £240 per month, and the US spend is around $895 (£740), but what if we could reduce the overall spend significantly, or even free up more funds for unbiased research, simply by spending around £10 per person per month (quality dependent) on something as simple vitamin C supplements?

Well, we can, if like me, your priority is health, and you’re aware that whilst there is no Planet B, there is also no Body B, you’ll find a way to do this yourself, if your budget is bigger, you could add in all the essential nutrients, at ranges for optimal health, (rather than the levels that prevent debilitating disease or death) on top of the simple L-Sodium Ascorbate that’s needed, and you will soon notice the difference.  In addition, you could give up the foods which have a negative affect on absorption (listed in my FREE .pdf when you subscribe to my Newsletter) and are therefore linked to other issues due to us all being over weight (well, most of us) and certainly nutritionally starving, which is what leads to snacking (or self-medication) with the wrong foods, only compounding the problem and therefore multiplying the health risks.

If every cell in your body is getting optimal amounts of all the nutrients required to function, the ‘ageing’ process as we know it will change, our collective health and therefore mood will improve and we could move forward with more innovation rather than stagnating in the gutter of malaise in which our race currently resides.

If you’d like to discuss this with me, please feel free to make an appointment.


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