After living hand to mouth for decades and burning through my student finance during the onslaught of Covid-19, I was worried I wouldn’t be able to afford the second year of my Masters; if only I’d been more crypto-savvy prior to digging in to it.

After weeks of watching a known crypto expert on a daily basis I took the plunge.

Within 36 hours I’d made almost 19% interest on my initial investment,

and the currency I’d bought in to was about to halve!

Bitcoin and Crypto Coins are mined, the miners are going to start receiving half the amount of Bitcoin per transaction than they did before, ‘halving’ the amount being released and therefore increasing the value.

I could hardly believe it, for decades i’d kept trying to save and ended up spending it, I’d never managed to hang on to more than £50 or so, but now…. now my money is just as safe as it was in the bank (or safer), but it’s working for me.

With the £ Pound Sterling being detached from the Gold Standard in 1931 (US$ in 1934) and Governments printing trillions, mostly to bail out big businesses, the value of FIAT currencies has dropped through the floor ever since, and are set to topple now with the current Economic Crisis, so an alternative for your savings, even such a volatile one as crypto currencies, is preferable to losing interest on your savings. Even Hedge Fund managers are buying in, so, how do you do it?

Before you get started there are some things i’d recommend:

  • Get a notebook for all your passwords
  • Get a separate encrypted email account – I use protonmail
  • Generate long random passwords
  • Put everything in your book & make a backup
  • Tell no-one your crypto email address or passwords
  • Download the Google Authenticator & Authy Apps to your mobile and set up the secondary verifications

Not all wallets and exchanges buy, trade or sell, all crypto currencies, so you may need a number of wallets in order to be invested in the ones you are interested in.

To get started I recommend signing up here:

this link is an affiliate link that will give us both $50 credit, you can also get a credit card with it to use anywhere, there are different levels of credit cards, which give cashback, commission is subject to purchase of at least 50 MCO and reserve a Ruby Card or higher.

With you can stake certain coins for up to 3 months at a time and earn interest weekly on your stakes.

Crypto is like having a Swiss Bank in your Pocket

For more detail join us on

I use Poloniex to purchase Monero – use code: 44JAEAJS for 10% cash back

Another good trading platform is Binance

Swissborg will give us both 100 Euros in free Bitcoin with a minimum 50 Euro deposit and you can send money to your account via bank transfer (useful for when debit/credit cards are rejected).

Coinbase is another wallet where you can buy currency, this affiliate link will give you around £8 in credit (changeable & dependent on a small investment of around £80), but it will also give you the opportunity to earn crypto currencies simply by watching adverts.

Coinbase has no minimum buy ins and is cheap to use, but it does go into downtime at important trading opportunities and is looking to release data to the IRC. It’s a useful tool for buying, but I no longer keep any currency in my Coinbase Wallet.


For an incredible Crypto/Investment opportunity with a low buy in and weekly returns, there’s something that I’ve recently invested in as a form of Income/Pension fund. You can be completely passive, or build up teams for quicker returns. There are no monthly fees or charges, just passive income and/or team income.

In my first week I earned over 20% of my investment back, 90% by week 3 and in week 5 I hit 159% of my original investment.

If you’re interested a building an online business from home, consider joining the Freedom Collective.
and please feel free to get in touch. E Mail

For Other CryptoCurrency Opportunities check out:

  • A Shopping Coin with a 58% return per month in it’s first 3 months, that does profit sharing as well as commissions
  • A Gold Backed Coin with a percentage of all future sales on the coins you purchase
  • An Entertainment Coin envisaged to have it’s platform used in every 1st World Household

Other Opportunities

Invest and leverage your Social Media Contacts

For alternate ways of earning Crypto:

  • Sign up for and create your own uncensored video channel:$/invite/@hbturner:5 to earn LBC
    • To buy and trade LBC join COINEX
  • Change your Browser to BRAVE to earn BAT and store in a free Uphold wallet that has a card associated with it (card coming soon, Uphold have no affiliate program)
  • and sign up to GROW YOUR BASE

If you’re worried about people being able to access the crypto wallets on your phone, for extra security you may wish to store your Crypto on a Hardware Wallet, I suggest:


As for which coins or tokens to buy, well, that’s up to you, please do your research, I’m no Financial Advisor, what I can tell you is that some wallets/exchanges demand minimum transactions, others don’t; some also charge more than others. You may wish to buy with one wallet/exchange and move it somewhere else.


  • Bullish – Buying – price increase
  • Bearish – Selling – price decrease
  • FUD – attempt to reduce confidence in – price decrease
  • FOMO – Fear of Missing Out
  • Dump – people selling and price decreasing
  • Pump – people buying and price increasing
  • Hodl – to hold on to your Crypto Currency for longer term gains
  • DCL – Dollar Cost Average: a regular purchase into a specific asset