Natural Remedies

Natural Remedies

(That have worked for us)

Australian Flu (2017): 250,000 iu of D3 took it down to normal flu levels

Bacterial Infections: Both for prevention & treatment Argentyn 23

Broken and Damaged Bones: Comfrey

Bruising/Bleeding: Arnica (Homeopathy)

Burns: Lavender Oil

Chicken Pox: Vitamin *C to Bowel Tolerance & ASEA/Renu28

Conjunctivitis: Euphrasia (Homeopathy)

Cradle Cap: Renu28

Detoxification: Humic & Fulvic Acid

Fevers: Vitamin *C to Bowel Tolerance & ASEA , plus lots of layers, hot water bottle etc, to aid the body to destroy the pathogen with temperature

Flu: Vitamin *C to Bowel Tolerance & ASEA/Renu28 

Mastitis: Belladonna (Homeopathy)

Muscle spasms: Magnesium Citrate

Nappy Rash: Renu28

Norovirus: After vomiting had stopped – Lycopodium (Homeopathy) for stomach, Magnesium Citrate for legs & lots of layers to aid body to destroy virus with temperature

Rubella: Vitamin *C to Bowel Tolerance & ASEA/Renu28 

Surgery: Arnica (Homeopathy) & Echinacea pre & post surgery

Shock: Aconite (Homeopathy)

Teething: Chamomilla (Homeopathy) & CBD Oil

Travel Sickness: Ginger

Viral Infections: Both for prevention & treatment Argentyn 23

Whooping Cough: Vitamin *C to Bowel Tolerance

* We use Sodium Ascorbate as our source of Vitamin C as recommended by Dr. Suzanne Humphries