Weight Management

My first serious attempt at weight loss was with SlimFast – I lost 1 stone in two weeks, but it had a terrible effect on my behaviour, as I became quite nasty and I put the weight back on again.

At 21 my sister sent me to a kinesiologist, and following her protocol I lost all my ‘baby fat’, but it didn’t last.

In my 30’s I started skipping dinner, I had no idea it was termed ‘intermittent fasting’, it kept me at a weight of 9st plus or minus 4lbs for many years.

After having my son and learning about his MTHFR issues we went ketogenic, I lost 12lbs over a month or so, and kept it off, but plateaued for 4 months.

I take 90 essential nutrients every day, which prevents me from having cravings.

Now I’m on a tasty, nutritionally balanced system, which incorporates intermittent fasting and ketogenic meals and Exogenous Ketones, I love it.

I have a shake for breakfast and I add:

After a keto lunch we have our Bioidentical Exogenous Ketones as we go into our 16-20 hour intermittent fast.


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