Weight Management

Are you sick of counting calories, yo-yoing weight and restrictive diets that make you feel hungry?

So was I.

If you’re interested in a lifestyle change, rather than a diet, that gives you unrestricted access to filling, tasty meals, with the addition of supplementational help to get you through cravings and hunger pangs, and the odd naughty food or drink; let me tell you my story and the get in touch if you’re interested in joining me….

My first serious attempt at weight loss was with SlimFast – I lost 1 stone in two weeks, but it had a terrible effect on my behaviour, as I became quite nasty and I put the weight back on again very quickly.

At 21 my sister sent me to a kinesiologist, and following her protocol I lost all my ‘baby fat’, but it didn’t last.

In my 30’s I started skipping dinner, I had no idea it was termed ‘intermittent fasting’, it kept me at a weight of 9st plus or minus 4lbs for many years.

After having my son and learning about his MTHFR issues we went ketogenic, I lost 12lbs over a month or so, and kept it off, but plateaued for 4 months.

I take 90 essential nutrients every day, which prevents me from having cravings.

Now I’m on a tasty, nutritionally balanced system, which incorporates intermittent fasting and ketogenic meals and Exogenous Ketones, and I love it.

I have a shake for breakfast and I add:

After a filling keto lunch we have our Bioidentical Exogenous Ketones which stops my craving for dessert and even dinner, enabling me to go into a 16-20 hour intermittent fast.


On occasion I’ll order an Organic, Cold-Pressed Juice Fast

Do I cheat?

YES! Often!

But, there are ways and means to help you not turn that 1 cheat into a downward spiral of resuming old habits.

The advantages of finding tools that help you to spend the majority of your time in a ketogenic state amount to much more that weight loss with muscle retention; on top of no longer spending time worrying about calories, weight and diet restrictions, you will find you also get better sleep, less mood swings, better concentration and higher energy levels. The knock on effects of this combination, as well as the age reversing effects of a ketogenic diet on DNA telomeres is cumulative, creating a healthier, happier you.

If you’d like to learn more, book an appointment.