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My journey to health began many years ago. I was working in the City and started collapsing at work, being privately insured with my job I ended up undergoing a raft of uncomfortable and undignified tests that led to the diagnosis of a tumour the size of a plum, we later discovered that it was actually the size of a melon. It took almost two years of tests, pain, being off work sick, lots of pharmaceuticals, physiotherapy for the standing up issue (I was crawling for most of that time) and running through a number of consultants who were not able to help me to discover it was not Cancer.

During this time a geneticist told me that I’d be in a wheel chair by 40.

After scary surgery suggestions that were rejected and the analgesics & anti-inflammatories no longer having much effect my G.P. suggested morphine. I rejected that having seen its effect on the short term memories of both a friend & family member & weaned myself off all medication.

It was a good job I did as the drugs had destroyed a kidney which had to be removed in 2004. At this time I started looking into nutrition for answers.

In 2009 I started a Foundation Degree and topped up to a Bachelors in 2011.

In 2015 I discovered that I was pregnant and started paying a great deal more attention to my diet for the sake of my baby.

When my son was around 4 months old I found I was really struggling. I couldn’t come down the stairs normally, I virtually had to crawl back up them, so much of my hair fell out that you could see my scalp. I physically couldn’t get down on the floor and play with my son. My joints were subluxating much more often than normal, and it was happening in joints it never had before. I ended up specking up a wheel chair, and getting a referral to a Harley Street Doctor in order to be fitted for ring splints on every finger joint and I had found wrist splints, elbow splints and knee splints to help.

At this point I realised something quite drastic needed to be done.

I also discovered that my son had 74 MTHFR gene mutations and true research began in earnest.

In the Spring of 2018 I finally found what I consider to be the very best Organic Naturopathic, most bio-available supplements, on the market & my whole World began to change.

With the fated wheel chair off the table I started to look at other areas of my life.

By the end of the Summer I had found an incredible anti-ageing hair care product range, that is non-toxic, not tested on animals and even vegan, that has had a drastic effect on my hair volume, length and density.

I started to take a Masters in Clinical Nutrition in September 2018, but unfortunately had postpone it for a year due to childcare issues, I’m due to re-start September 2019.

At the very end of 2018 I finally found the answer to weight loss, energy, sleep and focus issues, I’ve even started seeing a Chiropractor and so my investment into health continues.


2018 Keto Consultant

2018 Exclusive Anti-Ageing, Vegan, Non-Toxic Hair Care Products

2018 Organic Naturopathic Nutrition Consultant

2018 Started up Nutritional Wellness Business

2017 Launched Freedom of Medical Choice

2017 Launched Cafe Press Shop

2017 Launched Holistic Pet Health Conference

2016 Launched Healthful Neals Yard

2016 Launched Healthful ASEA

2016 Launched VOSS Pets

2016 Launched Natural Parenting Journey

2015 Launched Natural Pregnancy Journey

2014 Launched Healthful Dog Magazine

2014 Published ‘The Heathful Dog Blog’

2013 Launched I’m a Puppy Mummy

2013 launched Fridays’ Dogs Body Herbals

2013 Launched Natural Breeders Register

2013 Started Consulting on Canine Nutrition to Pet Food Manufacturers, Pet Stores & Owners

2013 Published:

‘The Science Behind Canine Raw Feeding’

The Natural Rearing Breeder

10 Top Tips on Reducing the Cost of Raw Feeding

2013 Started Masters Degree in Animal Behaviour

2012 BSc (Hons) Applied Animal Studies

2012 Launched Association of Non-Veterinary Natural Animal Health Practitioners


2011 FdSc Animal Management & Welfare

2011 Canine Nutrition and Blogger at Healthful

2010 Launched Canine Health 101 Blog

2009 began a Scientific Journey into research at University

2006-2008 Homeless

2005 Made Redundant

2004 Took a number of courses on Canine Natural Health & Communication

2004 kidney removed due to damage caused by prescribed pharmaceuticals

2004 Qualified as a Canine Communication Practitioner

2002 started researching Canine Nutrition and Natural Health

2000-2002 off sick – 10 surgeries

Whilst off sick trained to be a medium and energy healer

2000 started to refine my diet

1999 Post-Graduate Diploma in Computer Programming

1998 started medical testing for my physical issues

1995 Stopped Smoking