The Raisin Resilience

Risk of grapes and raisins for Dogs

Whilst it is known that grapes and raisins have been shown to be toxic to dogs, with 36% of canines who had ingested them going on to develop symptoms and a 7% death rate, many dogs can eat copious amounts and not have any reaction.
Recently my puppies managed to get hold of a 500g bag of Organic Giant Raisins, this had been put at a height presumed to be out of reach, and is not something I condone or advise, however, thankfully all pups are unscathed.
For those dogs that are susceptible, the toxic dose of grapes is estimated to be 19g/kg and of raisins, 3g/kg. Whilst the mechanism of toxicity is unclear, it is known to lead to renal failure and there have been reports of dogs dying after ingesting just 4 raisins.
Clinical signs are vomiting and diarrhea developing within a few hours of ingestion, with pieces of grape/raisin in what has passed. Acute renal failure develops within 48 hrs.
Please be vigilant, but know that whilst 4 raisins can kill a dog, 1 peanut can kill a person who has an allergy, not all dogs will die from raisin ingestion.

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