Case Study – Dawson

Underweight Epileptic Dog, with skin condition, digestive issues & getting consistently worse, improved by nutrition.

Here’s our Case Study on how our Healthful Pet Mince has improved his health.

Dawson at 3 yrs old was:

  • underweight
  • losing weight
  • bald on his chest & belly
  • had allergies
  • skin issues
  • digestive issues
  • had been veterinary diagnosed as un-able to digest fats & was therefore on an expensive prescription diet
  • had a very thin, pale coat
  • had been diagnosed as epileptic at 6 months and was on 120mg of Phenobarb twice a day
  • was on steriods for his allergies/skin issues & digestive problems
  • had behavioural issues as a result of all of the above